Stunning Scenery at Donan Üçkaya Lake

The stunning and unique views of Üçkaya Lake in Iğdır have been captured in breathtaking images taken by a drone. The surface of the lake, which is located in Üçkaya village of Tuzluca district, was completely frozen due to the plummeting temperatures in the region.

In the high-altitude areas of Iğdır, the air temperature dropped to 15 degrees below zero, causing streams, rivers, and lakes to freeze over. Üçkaya Lake, a popular destination for visitors in every season, was no exception and was covered in a thick layer of ice. The ice formations that took shape on the surface of the lake were documented by a team from Anadolu Agency using a drone.

Kadir Sarıcan, a resident of the village, expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming visitors to the area. He highlighted the beauty of the lake and the village, inviting everyone to come and witness it for themselves. Sarıcan emphasized that Üçkaya Lake is one of the most picturesque places in Iğdır, perfect for nature lovers and photographers alike.

The stunning images and natural beauty of Üçkaya Lake are a testament to the unique and diverse landscapes that can be found in the region. Visitors are encouraged to experience the breathtaking views and serene atmosphere that the frozen lake and surrounding area have to offer.


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