Turkish Army to Unveil New Tracked ACV KAPLAN NG in 2025

FNSS to Launch New Generation Tracked Armored Vehicle Family by 2025 – Defense Turk Exclusive

The first competition for wheeled platforms in the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles (YNHZA) project, aimed at meeting Turkey’s modern Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) need, has been successfully completed. FNSS Business Development Director Burak Sağ gave an overview of the projects in an interview with Defense Turk Editor-in-Chief Fatih Mehmet Küçük.

Speaking at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, FNSS Business Development Director Burak Sağ disclosed that work on the KAPLAN NG designed by FNSS is currently in progress. It was also mentioned that the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) published an information request document (BİD) on tracked vehicles last year, indicating that FNSS plans to launch KAPLAN NG in 2025, with the tender to be opened by SSB for this purpose.

FNSS has updated its armored combat vehicles, the KAPLAN-20 and KAPLAN-30, under the KAPLAN NG family. Not much information is shared about the capabilities of the KAPLAN NG, which has never been publicly revealed by FNSS. The company’s website states that the KAPLAN NG is a modular vehicle designed with light and medium caliber 120 mm gun systems, and integration options into manned and unmanned turret systems. It has a modular configuration designed for mechanized infantry, reconnaissance, command and control, force protection, medical evacuation, rescue, combat fortification, and direct or indirect fire support.

FNSS General Manager Nail Kurt highlighted the importance of collaboration in providing over 2900 vehicles under the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles (YNHZA) project. Considering the significance of the YNHZA project in shaping the main force of the Turkish Armed Forces for the next 30-35 years, he emphasized the need for both companies and the state to be open to collaborations in distributing the project.

While FNSS has yet to publicly release the KAPLAN NG, it is expected to be launched in 2025, opening new opportunities for the Turkish Armed Forces to acquire modern and advanced armored combat vehicles. More details about the KAPLAN NG family, including its appearance and innovative design, are anticipated to be unveiled in the near future.


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