US Defense Secretary Austin Hospitalized in Intensive Care for Bladder Issue

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized for Urgent Bladder Problem

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized once again for an urgent health issue. The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) released a statement regarding Austin’s health, indicating that he was admitted to the hospital due to a bladder problem.

According to the statement, doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are closely monitoring Austin’s condition in the intensive care unit and providing supportive treatment following tests and evaluations. It is not yet clear how long Austin will remain hospitalized, but the prognosis for his recovery from the bladder problem is positive.

This latest hospitalization comes after Austin’s prostate cancer diagnosis in December last year, which led to surgery on December 22. He was then hospitalized with complications on January 1, requiring treatment in the hospital until January 15, and subsequently worked from home until January 29.

Although the news of Austin’s hospitalization was first announced by the Department of Defense on January 5, it was later revealed that senior officials, including President Joe Biden, Pentagon officials, and members of Congress, were informed of the situation several days later.

Updates on Austin’s condition will be provided as soon as possible as he continues his treatment and recovery. We wish Secretary Austin a speedy and full recovery.


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