Uzbekistan Initiates ‘My Garden’ Project

A new project called “My garden” has been launched in Uzbekistan, aiming to organize “green garden” and “green public parks”. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to submit proposals on the “Open Budget” portal from June 10 to June 20.

This project is being conducted for the first time in Uzbekistan and is set to be carried out in three stages. The stages include making an offer, qualifying, and voting. The qualifying stage will take place from June 20 to June 23, while the voting stage will run from June 23 to July 3.

The project is in line with the national project “Green space”, where at least 50% of the annual funds allocated from the national budget will be used based on public opinion through the “Open Budget” portal for the organization of “green garden” and “green public parks” projects.

The funds allocated for the projects will be determined based on project-estimate documents, with any excess amount being reallocated to other projects. Additionally, extra funds from local budgets may be used based on decisions from regional and capital councils.

A regulation has been approved outlining the procedure for the formation and financing of “My garden” projects, which includes procedures for financing, formation of projects, selection and determination of winners, financing and implementation, as well as accountability and control over project implementation.

Starting from 2024, and continuing annually from 2025 in December, land areas will be allocated according to the established procedure for the establishment of “green garden” and “green public parks”. This project aims to enhance green spaces and public parks in Uzbekistan, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment.


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