“Warning: Cosmetic Varicose Veins are not a Disease” – BRTK

The President of the Turkish Interventional Radiology Association, Prof. Dr. Levent Oğuzkurt, explained the distinction between cosmetic varicose veins and those that require treatment. At the 2024 Turkish Interventional Radiology 19th Annual Meeting in Antalya, Oğuzkurt told reporters that cosmetic varicose veins are not a disease, as they cause no pain or discomfort, and instead likened them to the graying or thinning of hair. However, larger varicose veins, those that cause pain in the legs and other symptoms, do belong to the disease category and should be treated.

Oğuzkurt went on to outline the causes and symptoms of varicose veins, emphasizing that the condition is hereditary and more common in women. He also discussed the importance of lifestyle changes and the use of new, minimally invasive treatments as effective means of managing varicose veins. It’s clear that significant advances have been made in the medical field, making the treatment of varicose veins easier, safer, and more comfortable for patients. With the help of these new methods, patients can undergo treatment without the need for surgery or anesthesia and can even return home on the same day as the procedure.


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