Ankara Rally Schedule: Pursaklar, Mamak, Sincan Event Time and Date

President Erdogan Holds Multiple Rallies in Ankara Ahead of Elections

With only three days left before the election, the political leaders are making their final attempts to persuade voters across the country. On May 11, 2023, President Erdogan held three different rallies in Ankara, where he met with his supporters and outlined his plans for the future of the country.

The President’s schedule for the day consisted of attending the HAK-IS General Assembly, followed by rallies in Pursaklar, Mamak-Altındağ, and Sincan. The rallies were all held in public squares, allowing supporters to come and listen to his speeches.

Those who could not attend the rallies could still watch them on live streams provided by CNN TÜRK. In addition, other ministers for the AK Party had their own schedules for the day, including breakfast meetings, attending news conferences, and meeting with NGOs.

As it stands, Erdogan’s ruling AK Party has a strong lead in the polls, with voters citing the party’s efforts to modernize the country and boost its economy. However, opposition parties have also been rallying their supporters in the lead up to the election, hoping to close the gap.

The election is set to be a pivotal moment for the country’s future, with issues such as the economy, human rights, and foreign relations among the key topics being discussed by political leaders. As the election draws closer, both voters and politicians alike will be eagerly anticipating the final outcome.


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