Balkan Koleda Celebrated in Kırklareli: A Vibrant Display of Tradition

Büyükmandıra Mayor Ersan Çölgeçen Emphasizes the Importance of Tradition
In a recent statement to journalists, Büyükmandıra Mayor Ersan Çölgeçen highlighted the significance of preserving traditional customs in their community. Specifically, Çölgeçen emphasized the importance of the Balkan tradition known as Koleda, which has been celebrated in the region for the past six years.

“We take great pride in upholding our traditions, and Koleda holds a special place in our hearts,” stated Çölgeçen. “This annual celebration allows us to come together as a community and honor our rich cultural heritage.”

Koleda, a beloved Balkan tradition, is a night of festivities and rituals that has been passed down through generations. It is a time for families and friends to gather, exchange well-wishes, and partake in traditional activities that are deeply rooted in their cultural identity.

By acknowledging the importance of Koleda and other customs, Büyükmandıra Mayor Ersan Çölgeçen is demonstrating a commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of their community. This dedication to traditions not only fosters a strong sense of unity and identity among residents, but also ensures that these customs will continue to be cherished for generations to come.


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