Chance Discovery: Mammoth Fossils Unearthed 14 Years Ago at Samsun Museum

The Samsun Museum, located in Samsun, Turkey, was recently opened on March 13 by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. The museum’s architecture is inspired by the waves of the Black Sea and spans an impressive area of ​​15 thousand square meters. It showcases a wide range of works from various historical periods including the Hittite, Persian, Roman, Eastern Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman eras.

Among the treasures housed in the museum are artifacts from the Ancient City of Amisos, the Amisos Mosaic, a bronze athlete statue, and jewelry from the Hellenistic period. Additionally, a mammoth fossil, which belongs to a type of animal from the elephant family, has also been introduced as a new exhibit in the museum.

Archaeologist Uğur Akyüz, who works at the Samsun Museum, shared that the mammoth fossils found in Samsun mark the first discovery of its kind in the Black Sea Region. Alongside the mammoth fossils, teeth of mammoths and wild horses were also uncovered. These fossils, estimated to be 1 to 2 million years old, provide valuable insights into the prehistoric era when the seas receded, land emerged, and terrestrial life began.

Akyüz emphasized that while mammoth fossils have not been found elsewhere in the Black Sea Region, it is still a possibility in the future. The mammoth fossil currently exhibited in the Samsun Museum was delivered to them 10 years ago, but it was only recently displayed to the public after the museum underwent renovations.

Visitors to the Samsun Museum can now marvel at the unique collection of artifacts and the fascinating story behind the mammoth fossils, shedding light on the ancient history of the region. For those interested in staying updated on such developments and more, the NTV application is recommended for easy access to news and information.


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