Deciphering the Meaning of ‘Optional’ and its Social Media Trend

The word “optional” has been trending on social media recently, leading many people to wonder about its meaning. According to the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association, the word “optional” originates from the French word “optionel.”

So, what does “optional” really mean? In simple terms, something that is optional is not mandatory and can be chosen or used at one’s discretion. For example, when buying a car, optional features like a sunroof can be selected at an additional cost.

Here are some example sentences that illustrate the use of the word “optional”:

– “The final exam for this course is optional, so you can choose not to take it if you prefer.”
– “The software update is optional; you don’t have to install it if you’re satisfied with the current version.”
– “The side dishes listed on the restaurant menu are optional; feel free to substitute them with other choices.”

Understanding the meaning of “optional” can help individuals make informed decisions in various situations where choices are available. Stay informed and keep exploring the meanings of words to enhance your language skills.


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