Egypt Warns Israel of Grave Consequences, Threatens Suspension of Camp David Peace Agreement

Israel’s recent attack on the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip has resulted in devastating consequences, with more than 100 people killed and hundreds injured. The attacks, which targeted civilian houses and mosques, have left the city in a state of chaos.

According to reports from the Palestinian official agency WAFA, hospital officials in Rafah have stated that the city is overwhelmed with injured people in critical conditions, and there is a shortage of medical supplies and serum. The city, which hosts approximately half of the population of Gaza, has become a shelter for thousands of displaced individuals due to Israeli attacks.

The fear of a potential land attack on the city of Rafah has prompted concerns about the lack of shelter for civilians in the Gaza Strip. Since October 7, Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have resulted in the deaths of 28,176 Palestinians, including thousands of children and women, and the injury of 67,784 people. There are still thousands of individuals trapped under the rubble, and civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and educational institutions, have been targeted and destroyed.

The situation in Rafah is dire, and the international community is urged to take immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip. The attacks on civilians and the destruction of infrastructure must be condemned, and efforts must be made to provide essential aid and support to the people affected by the violence. The lives of innocent individuals are at stake, and swift intervention is needed to prevent further loss of life and suffering.


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