Mystery Surrounding Yakup Bey’s Fate in Establishment Osman

The character of Yakup Bey has gained popularity among viewers of the TV series “Establishment Osman.” His portrayal in the show has sparked interest in the historical figure, leading many to research his significance in history. But who exactly is Yakup Bey?

Yakup Bey is the Bey of the Germiyanoğulları. He is known as a political genius who dedicated himself to serving the unity of Turks and Islam. Fearless and brave, he faced armies larger than his own and aimed to establish a state and become a sultan. To achieve his dream, he surrounded himself with scholars, strengthened his army, and had a reign that rivaled the power of the Seljuk State. However, his arrogance proved to be his greatest test, as he always saw himself as right and made ruthless moves without pity.

The character of Yakup Bey is played by Mirza Bahattin Doğan, a talented actor known for his role as Selim in the TV series “Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz” from 2015 to 2017. Doğan’s portrayal of Yakup Bey has garnered attention and brought new life to the historical figure.

The Germiyanoğulları principality, led by Yakup Bey, has also been a focal point in the “Establishment Osman” series. Yakup Bey’s reign marked the brightest period for the Germiyanoğulları, extending his influence over a wide region, from areas like Aydın and İzmir to Antalya, Isparta, and the upper Sakarya basin. The success of his rule is evident from the significant tax and valuable item contributions from Byzantium during his reign.

Yakup Bey’s legacy extends beyond his conquered territories. The sources reveal that literary and scientific activities flourished during his reign, contributing to Kütahya’s development as a principality center.

Overall, the character of Yakup Bey and his historical significance have left a lasting impression on audiences, illustrating the impact of his reign and the enduring legacy of the Germiyanoğulları principality.


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