Navigating Adolescent Parental Conflict for Healthy Personality Development

“Adolescents and their fierce battles with their parents”

Yeditepe University Faculty of Education’s Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling member, Dr. Serdar Körük, recently provided advice to families on communication with teenagers. He emphasized that adolescence is marked by physiological, cognitive, and emotional changes, culminating in a shift from concrete to abstract thinking.

In terms of emotional development, Dr. Körük stated that the primary developmental task for adolescents is acquiring a sense of identity, involving relational, sexual, ideological, values, social, and professional aspects. This process involves exploration, synthesis, and finally establishing a unique identity.

Körük also noted that this period is challenging for individuals aged 12-18, warning families to be attentive to signs of anxiety, depression, and suicidal behavior. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of conflicts between parents and adolescents, emphasizing that the absence of such conflicts is a source of concern. He clarified that to foster healthy personality development, it is essential for parents to handle and resolve conflicts constructively.

Additionally, Dr. Körük highlighted the significance of the adolescent’s relationships with peers and teachers, underscoring the need for positive social structures. He also emphasized the importance of healthy identification with teachers and the impact it has on adolescents, especially those coming from traumatic experiences.

In summary, Dr. Serdar Körük provided valuable insight into the complexities of adolescence and the integral role played by parents, teachers, and peers in nurturing healthy development during this critical period.


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