“Exploring Leonardo Da Vinci’s Influence in Cyprus” seminar at Famagusta’s Bandabuliya by Ulus Irkad – BRTK

Leonardo da Vinci’s Traces in Cyprus Seminar Held in Famagusta

A seminar titled “Leonardo da Vinci’s Traces in Cyprus” was held this morning at Famagusta Bandabuliya, featuring a presentation by Ulus Irkad.

According to information provided by the Always Friends of Nature Group, Irkad highlighted the fact that based on historical documents, Leonardo da Vinci spent two years in Cyprus. He also noted that many of the documents related to Vinci’s time in the island had been destroyed for various reasons, but that numerous works found in Famagusta bore the traces of the famous polymath.

Additionally, Irkad revealed that Da Vinci left a message for the future by incorporating Lefkara embroidery into one of his paintings, emphasizing the importance of researchers using these clues to uncover historical truths.

In a statement, the Always Friends of Nature Group expressed gratitude to Ulus Irkad for sharing valuable cultural insights, as well as to the officials of Famagusta Municipality Bandabuliya for providing the seminar hall and facilities.

The seminar served as a unique opportunity to delve into Leonardo da Vinci’s connection to Cyprus and explore the remnants of his influence on the island’s cultural heritage.


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