New Poetry Collection ‘It Comes to My Mind’ by Turgay Akalın Released

Turgay Akalın’s New Poetry Book Published by Turkish Cypriot Writers Union

Turgay Akalın’s latest poetry book has been released as part of the Turkish Cypriot Writers Union publications. In the introductory article of the book, Şevket Öznur, President of the Turkish Cypriot Writers Union, shared his thoughts about the work, stating that the language in Akalın’s poetry is plain Turkish, aiming to engage readers without tiring them. He emphasized that Akalın’s poetry is not just about love, but also about taking action. Akalın’s passion for action is evident in his philosophy of life, reflecting his experiences, feelings, and thoughts in his poetry, often inspired by his travels, teaching, and music compositions.

The poetry book, spanning 145 pages, contains chapters such as “The Color of the Sea,” “That Blue Bird,” “One Should Listen to Oneself,” and “On the Other Hand.” The cover design for the book is credited to Kemal Behçet Caymaz.

Şevket Öznur expressed his excitement for the continuation of Akalın’s poetic mastery, as well as the anticipation for the novel that the author has promised. He highlighted the prominent themes of action, wanderlust, and intellectual depth within Akalın’s poetry, making it a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Readers are encouraged to delve into Turgay Akalın’s poems and experience the excitement and depth within his latest poetry collection.


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