Rock’n EMU Event Rocks BRTK

The 11th “Rock’n EMU” event, organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Social and Cultural Activities Directorate Event Unit, recently took place at EMU Yasin Düşüner Stadium. According to a statement by the EMU Public Relations and Media Directorate, the event featured famous rock bands and artists from both the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey.

Living Coil, a popular rock band from TRNC, kicked off the event followed by performances from DDR and Lick. The Turkish rock artist Can Gox impressed the crowd with songs like “Haydar Haydar” and “Unutma Beni”, while the band Köfn entertained with hits like “Bi Tek Ben Aniyorum”, “Al Aramuzdan”, and “Kalpsiz Bir Vakum”. The night concluded with a performance from the rock band Yüzyüzeyken Söyleuruz, who sang songs including “Dinle Beni Bi”, “Boş Gemiler”, “Sen Varsın Diye”, and “Köşebaşı”.

In a closing ceremony, Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Osman Karatepe, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Zorlu and Prof. Dr. Conclusion, along with Ali Öztüren, presented a plaque of appreciation to the performers. The event was a huge success, showcasing the diverse talent and vibrant music scene of both TRNC and Turkey.


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