Sıla 4’s New Book Released

Turkish Cypriot Music History Book “One Drop of Mediterranean Notes” Published

The Turkish Cypriot music history has a new addition with the publication of the book “One Drop of Mediterranean Notes” by Sıla 4 group. The book, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the group’s establishment, has been published with the contributions of the Culture Department and includes the history and works of the group.

The foreword and introduction of the book have been written by Şirin Zaimağaoğlu, Director of the Culture Department, who emphasized the importance of culture in shaping identity. The book also contains the biographies of band members Erdinç Gündüz, Raif R. Denktaş, Aydın Kalfaoğlu, and Ferahzad Gürsoy.

“A Drop of Mediterranean Notes” also includes the melodies and lyrics of Sıla 4 songs, transcribed into sheet music by Oskay Hoca. The book features 29 songs, including favorites such as “I’ll Call You, I’ll Ask You,” “Ata Binesim Geldi,” and “Are You From Zeytin”?

The launch and signing day event of the book will be announced to the public in the coming days. This book is a valuable addition to the Turkish Cypriot music history, preserving the cultural heritage and celebrating the legacy of the Sıla 4 group.


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