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Turkey’s First Domestic Communication Satellite Türksat 6A Completed

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu has announced that Turkey’s first domestic and national communication satellite, Türksat 6A, has completed assembly, integration, and tests at the Space Systems Integration and Test (USET) Center. This significant milestone was achieved through a collaboration between Türksat, the Presidency of Defense Industries, and TAI.

Uraloğlu emphasized that the integration, system level tests, and final alignment measurements of the satellite’s “flight model” have been successfully completed. He expressed pride in the completion of Turkey’s largest R&D project, Türksat 6A, and highlighted the rigorous testing process that ensured the satellite’s durability under all conditions. The satellite will be sent to Space-X’s headquarters in Florida, USA, with a special plane at the beginning of June.

The launch of Türksat 6A into orbit is scheduled for July, with Minister Uraloğlu describing it as a significant turning point for Turkey. The satellite represents the country’s first domestic communication satellite platform, marking a milestone in reducing foreign dependency in the satellite and space sector.

Uraloğlu stressed the importance of Türksat 6A in positioning Turkey as a key player in communication satellite production. With a high localization rate and the production of critical components using domestic resources, Turkey aims to become a hub for communication satellite production in the region. The satellite’s value, estimated at 200-250 million dollars, underscores its significance for the country’s technological advancement.

Furthermore, Uraloğlu highlighted the symbolic importance of Türksat 6A, stating that it will represent Turkey and the Turkish flag in space. The satellite’s logo reflects Turkey’s vision for the future and serves as a testament to the country’s strength in space technology.

As Turkey prepares to launch Türksat 6A in July, Uraloğlu expressed confidence that Turkey’s glorious flag will proudly take its place in space, marking a new chapter in the country’s space exploration journey.


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