Uranium Experts Come Back to Kyrgyzstan

Specialists in uranium production are making a return to Kyrgyzstan, according to Aisha Karpaeva, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Kyrgyzaltyn OJSC. This announcement was made during a meeting of the Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex, Subsoil Use and Industrial Policy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

Karpaeva highlighted that the staff at the Kara-Balta Mining Combine possess expertise in uranium mining. She emphasized that although uranium production involves aspects related to radiation safety, the Kyzyl-Ompol placer deposit is similar to any other gold deposit. The current increase in uranium production is attributed to the high market demand with the construction of nuclear power plants.

Notably, Kyrgyz specialists who previously worked at Kazatom are now returning to Kyrgyzstan seeking employment opportunities. However, the exact number of Kyrgyz uranium mining specialists currently working at Kazakh enterprises remains unknown.

In response to inquiries from Deputy Chingiz Aidarbekov, Esenzhan Musurmankulov, an expert and graduate of Moscow Nuclear University, revealed that he is presently the sole uranium mining specialist in Kyrgyzstan. The deputies discussed a bill regarding the lifting of the ban on uranium and thorium mining during the second reading.

The resurgence of uranium production specialists in Kyrgyzstan signals a positive development for the country’s mining industry and its potential contribution to the global energy sector.


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