Four public officials detained in Ayhan Bora Kaplan investigation: Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office

Ankara Police Chiefs Detained in Connection to Ayhan Bora Kaplan Investigation

In a shocking turn of events, three police chiefs in Ankara have been dismissed and detained as part of the ongoing Ayhan Bora Kaplan investigation. Allegations of a conspiracy against the government have been swirling, and new developments continue to unfold.

The dismissed Ankara Provincial Police Deputy Chief, Organized Crime Fighting Branch Director, Deputy Director, and a commissioner were accused of a range of offenses including conspiring to commit a crime, attempting to influence a fair trial and a witness, abuse of power, and favoritism towards criminals.

Yesterday, a search was conducted at the homes of the three police chiefs and the commissioner, resulting in the seizure of digital materials. Today, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a detention order for the four individuals, who were subsequently taken into custody.

In a statement, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office said, “Investigations are being carried out meticulously,” in response to the allegations raised by a secret witness, Serdar Sertçelik, who claimed that there was a conspiracy against the ruling AK Party and MHP.

The investigation has raised questions about the security, judiciary, and political landscape, with experts weighing in on the claims made by the secret witness. The suspended police chiefs are also under investigation, with accusations of committing a crime against the constitutional order, agreement for a crime, disclosure of secrets, attempting to influence witnesses, and favoritism towards criminals.

As the investigation unfolds, questions remain about the movements of the secret witness while in custody, his escape, and the motivations behind attempting to include politicians and bureaucrats in the case. The situation is rapidly evolving, and more details are expected to emerge as the investigation progresses.


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