İYİ Party Shares New Constitutional Proposal

The İYİ Party Chairman Müsavat Dervişoğlu has made a bold statement regarding the new constitution, stating that the party will not support it. During a recent group meeting, Dervişoğlu emphasized that the party’s stance on any constitutional amendment is clear and they will stand against it.

In addition to addressing the new constitution, Dervişoğlu also spoke out about the suspension decisions within the Ankara Police Department and the allegations of conspiracy against politicians based on secret witnesses. He reiterated the party’s commitment to supporting the state in the fight against threats and dangers posed by organizations like FETO and PKK.

Not only did Dervişoğlu tackle political issues, but he also took the opportunity to celebrate World Farmers’ Day and highlight the importance of access to safe food as a matter of national security. He pledged that under an İYİ Party government, farmers would receive the compensation they deserve in every aspect.

The İYİ Party’s firm stance on the new constitution and their support for national security measures and farmers’ rights demonstrate their commitment to upholding democratic principles and protecting the interests of the Turkish people.


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