Man Claims Fraud After Taking out Loan for Girlfriend’s Massage Parlor, Commits Murder

Shocking revelations have surfaced in a recent police statement given by Mevlüt Tosun, alleging a scam involving a supposed massage parlor. Tosun claimed that he had been in a relationship with a woman named İrem E., who presented herself as a masseur, and took out a loan worth approximately 2 million TL to fund the opening of a massage salon for her.

According to Tosun, he had been providing funds to both İrem E. and an architect named Necati Şadi Kılıç for the construction of the alleged massage parlor. However, despite his financial contributions, there was no progress made on the building or the establishment of the massage salon. This led Tosun to suspect that he had been deceived.

Furthermore, Tosun mentioned that İrem E.’s friend, Hasan Aktepe, also became involved in the situation by purchasing the massage parlor. It was revealed that Aktepe wanted to become a partner in the business, prompting a meeting between him and Tosun.

The unfolding saga points to a potential case of fraud and deception, with Tosun being left empty-handed despite his investments in the supposed massage parlor. Authorities are now looking into the matter to determine the extent of the alleged scam and bring those responsible to justice.


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